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SMP Services

Renew your hairline and fill in your crown.

SMP allows you to create a realistic hairline that does wonders for your look and is said to help “frame” your face. Get your look back with Smp from hairline to crown, filling in what was a horseshoe balding pattern and eliminating it altogether.

Add Density

SMP can provide a significant illusion of fuller thicker hair by reducing the contrast between bare skin and existing hair. Not everyone is a perfect candidate and consultation with your practitioner is imperative to discuss goals and realistic results.

Scar Concealment

Scar Concealment

Many people have scars on their head from a previous hair transplant procedure, or in other cases trauma/accidents. SMP can make certain scars almost undetectable and can be some of the most rewarding results for your practitioner.

Female Volume

Woman with thinning hair have increasingly been seeking out Smp. Female hair thinning can have many causes such as alopecia, hair treatments, hormonal changes, or simply genetics. SMP can provide women the same benefits as men adding the look of fuller thicker hair.

Hair Thinning


Alopecia is a medical condition that is the cause of many hair loss problems. SMP is a wonderful solution for all kinds of alopecia hair loss. This procedure was a result of tension alopecia from years of wearing hair in a tight bun. We were able to completely remove all signs of alopecia for this gentleman. His original plan was to get a large head tattoo to hide the unusual hair loss pattern until he found Vanheyst Smp. Well, it is still is a tattoo…:)

SMP Repair

Have a procedure that did not go right? SMP repair can save you the cost of removal and steer your SMP in the right direction of your original goals.

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